How do you choose the right air conditioner for your home

When it comes to cooling and heating needs of your home, choosing the right air conditioner is as challenging as crucial. While it would be cheaper to use a slit system if your cooling needs are limited to a room or two, ducted air conditioning systems, which are more energy efficient than ordinary room air conditioners, are a perfect choice when it’s about whole-house cooling. However, be it a ducted air conditioner or split AC, installing air-conditioning in your home is a major process, so it’s important to make sure you spend your money as wisely as possible when thinking about how to choose the right air conditioner for your home.

Here are some considerations that you must make as you prepare to install an air conditioner into your home.

Is it heating or cooling that your home requires?

While there are some places that don’t require heating and a cooling only unit is sufficient there due to climate reasons, other places require some form of heating which is gained by installing reserve cycle air conditioners, also called heat pumps or heat pump air conditioners. Heat pumps only provide acceptable heating in mild climates whereas cool climates are better with gas heating combined with evaporative cooling.

Get the right size

Getting the right size unit for your needs is quite important to achieve the desired comfort. It’s good to have an air conditioner that is powerful enough to cool your entire home, but if you install a wrong size conditioning system, it may cycle on and off multiple times a day, giving you higher electricity bills. Now, what can be worse than that? Also, there are some factors, including insulation, drafts, sunlight exposure, and curtains and blinds that may affect the size needs of your air conditioner. Make sure to choose a trained, qualified technician who inspects your home and help you make the right choice of size.

Noise Levels:

You certainly won’t want to go for a cheap unit that doesn’t allow you to listen to your TV, sleep properly and annoys everyone at home with its irritating noise. Air conditioners come with their noise levels mentioned in their specification details, so, check the specified noise levels before you buy the unit and remember to choose one that keeps noise to a minimum. Moreover, you would also need to consider the location where the unit is going to be installed. To get it right, take advice from your installer.

Energy Sufficient:

Another important consideration is to make sure the system you choose has the right cooling capacity. Air conditioning efficiency, which tells how effective a unit is at performing its very function, is measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. Higher ratings indicate towards the high efficiency of the air conditioner. Systems with higher SEER ratings can cost you less in monthly fees, so it would be a great deal to choose the unit with the highest SEER rating within your budget.
Besides all these factors, there’s one more vital point to consider, and that is your budget. A low-cost purchase always sounds good and attractive, but it would be better to meet your home conditioning needs by choosing the right size and fine quality.

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