Tips on How to Repair Your Air Conditioner

Availing of repair services for your air conditioner may be costly especially if you find out that it was just a simple problem you could have fixed yourself. Although some repairs inevitably need the expertise of a professional, it pays to do some troubleshooting yourself. In the end, it may lessen the need for a professional’s service thus also lessening the cost from ac repair cypress tx Mr Cool A/C and Heating. That said, here are 5 basic tips on how you can go about repairing your own air conditioner.

1. Do General Cleaning

If the air conditioner is not doing its job in cooling the area despite all of its settings on max, then maybe the machine is just dusty. Dirt and dust can accumulate inside the air conditioner blocking the proper air flow or disrupting some mechanical functions. Its exterior can be cleaned washing the fan blades and remove the dust nearby. The same goes for condenser fins, however, be extra careful when doing so as they may break easily.

Another way to somewhat clean it is to melt the ice. The air conditioner itself can get frozen but this is just a common problem almost everyone will experience. To melt the ice, simple turn the fans on. Naturally, turning it off for a while may also do the trick especially if it has been on for a long time now.

2. Replace Filters When Needed

Prevention is the best cure. Why wait for it to need a repair when you can avoid that need in the first place? One way to do so is to constantly change the filter of the unit. Every time you use the air conditioner, your filters can get clogged which can cause a chain of problems within the unit. This is also one of the main reasons why the unit gets iced up. Generally, the more clogged a filter is, the less air flows through the unit thus making it less efficient.

3. Check the Thermostat

Maybe the problem is even as simple as the settings being changed unknowingly. Double check the settings to make sure that the thermostat is actually set to a temperature below room temperature, of course. If the unit runs on batteries, these batteries may be close to dying to give less power to the air conditioner to do its job properly. You can try changing the batteries to see if that does the trick.

4. Clear Out Blockages from Air Ducts

What if the problem is not in your unit? Try checking your air ducts to see if air actually flows properly through them. Dust can also build up and be the reason for air blockages. Other times, one of the registers may have been closed for whatever reason. Generally, the idea is to check if the air flows through properly. If it does, then you can go back to thinking that it may be a problem with the air conditioner itself.

5. Check the Breaker

Now, what if the unit would not turn on at all? It may be an electrical problem. If you have other appliances simultaneously on with the same breaker as the unit, then the breaker may have tripped. Most times, it works to turn off everything off first, then after a few minutes, turn it back on again.

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